About Alpha Market Places

Alpha Market Places specialises in developing turnkey, workflow software solutions that enhance business processes and drive real value. Our expertise lies in creating complete end-to-end automation software solutions, as well as custom-coded modules that supplement your existing software systems.

Whether you want a brand-new software solution or an upgrade to your legacy system, our software solutions are designed to deliver real-world benefits on a daily basis. Our services include all three critical stages of the developmental process: a Business Analysis process whereby we elicit the detailed specifications required by your company; expert coding of the software, and testing, QA (Quality Assurance) and QC (Quality Control) oversight.

The result is an innovative and holistic software solution that leads to increased efficiencies, optimal productivity and minimal human (user) error.

Our Approach

At Alpha Market Places, our approach to providing complete software workflow solutions incorporates the best of the Agile and Waterfall methodologies to provide both flexibility and focus to the process. Our primary goal is to provide your organisation with a software solution that improves functionality as quickly as possible, whilst at the same time allowing for adjustments in the process.

Our Business Analysis output includes the creation of a detailed Master Story List (MSL) to capture the list of work to be undertaken, data maps driven by business rules, process flow diagrams and interactive wireframes. These outputs feed into the design, software development and testing phases of the process to provide deliverables that perfectly reflect your expectations. It is this attention to detail and the holistic nature of our workflow solutions that set us apart from other workflow automation companies.

The complete business analysis output is later used for the UAT (user acceptance testing), thus guarantying that the end result matches the expected outcome that was specified.

Helping Start-Ups

At Alpha Market Places, we use our expertise and experience to help entrepreneurs translate their ideas into minimum viable products (MVPs). We help define the requirements of the MVP so that the product can be presented to the market quickly and cost-effectively. As an added bonus, if we believe we can offer value add to your idea as partners, we offer to share the risk of bringing your ideas to fruition and delivering the MVPs to the market place.