Holistic, End-To-End Workflow Solutions

Alpha Market Places has extensive experience across a range of industry verticals. These skills enable us to identify, specify and resolve the workflow inefficiencies in your organisation, resulting in fewer human errors, increased productivity and sometimes with new revenue streams. All these benefits contribute to a faster project ROI (return on investment).

What makes Alpha Market Places unique is that we provide holistic, end-to-end workflow solutions to organisations. This includes the three key components of the software developmental process:

Most other software companies only focus on developing the software, not on the other two key components of the process. However, we operate with the mindset that Business Analysis is more than a system-related function and in order to deploy and leverage best practices in any area of business, a holistic and organisational perspective is imperative.

At Alpha Market Places, we take an innovative and all-encompassing approach to helping you achieve your business goals. This means that our team uses a modified, functional AgiFall (the best of both agile and waterfall) methodology to conduct on-site, moderated, agile discovery and prognosis workshops with the active participation of your stakeholders. During these sessions, we identify issues and challenges that are experienced daily as a result of your current systems and processes and ensure stakeholders have a common understanding so that accurate decisions can be made.

During these Business Analysis sessions, the Alpha Market Place team of moderators apply a comprehensive combination of tools, techniques and methodologies to a wide variety of scenarios in order to achieve high quality outcomes quickly and efficiently to achieve the following:

The four outcomes of this moderated discovery process are the Master Story List (MSL), data maps, process flow diagrams and wireframes that will feed into every stage of the developmental and implementation processes. These outputs make up the functional end user testing manual used prior to handing over the system to the customer. The overriding purpose of the Business Analysis process is to capture the list of work to be undertaken for planning purposes, traceability, and as a basis for analysing and setting priorities – separating the must-haves from the want-to-haves.

By bringing methodology and process to business problem solving to improve efficiency of investment and predictability of outcomes, our specialised Business Analysis perspectives will effectively deliver, plan, manage and implement customer-centric business and technology solutions for your organisation.

This Business Analysis elicitation process is an exclusive service, provided by Alpha Market Place to our clients.