Software Design That Provides Streamlined Workflow Solutions

Alpha Market Places specialises in providing holistic, end-to-end workflow automation solutions to organisations. However, unlike other software automation developers, we provide all three critical elements of this process: detailed specifications of the issues that are used to drive the project forward, flawless coding of the software, and embedded QA and QC processes. This is why Alpha Market Places is a market leader in the delivery of automation workflow solutions.

Once the Business Analysis & Requirement Building phase is complete, the Alpha team moves onto the second stage of the process that focuses on two critical components of the project: UX and UI.

UX refers to User Experience and concerns the overall experience a user has with your company’s systems. We identify whether this usage is smooth and seamless or confusing and cumbersome. UX deals with purpose and functionality.

UI refers to the User Interface, which is the design of the actual interface, its conceptual and aesthetic aspects. It includes elements that the user interacts with when using a system or process. UI deals with the quality of the user’s interactions.

We identify what works and what doesn’t work across your company’s processes and systems and use this information to design software that provides streamlined workflow solutions and flawless UX and UI.

At the end of the Project Design & Management phase, we have a clear understanding of the scope of the project and the goals that need to be achieved.