Detecting & Preventing Any Problems With The Software

Alpha Market Places provides complete, end-to-end software workflow solutions to organisations. However, unlike other software workflow developers, we provide turnkey solutions that include all three stages of the process: detailed specifications of the project requirements, expert coding of the software, and QA and QC strategies. This holistic approach to resolving workflow issues is what makes Alpha Market Places a leader within the industry.

It also means that once the specifications have been detailed in the discovery phase, and during the developmental stages of the project, we not only test the software as it is being developed, but unlike other companies, we also provide a full suite of both QA and QC oversight measures.

Our QA team is focused on preventing any problems with the software and undertake continuous in-depth testing to uncover any functional issues, such as bugs. They ensure that the software is efficient, user-friendly and of high quality.

Our QC team is focused on detecting any problems with the software and work hand in hand with the QA engineers. They concentrate on the quality and reliability of the software, performing functional and automation testing, as well as testing the integration of the modules with your current system.

In addition, our highly experienced QA and QC engineers ensure that before the project goes live, all of the specifications, as detailed in the initial discovery phase, have been achieved. These intensive checks make sure that you receive a quality product, once the project is complete, and is an integral part of the development process.