Complete Maintenance & Support Service

Alpha Market Places provides automation software workflow solutions that increase efficiencies, reduce errors and maximise productivity. Unlike other automation software workflow developers, however, we provide holistic solutions that include all three critical phases of the developmental process. These stages are the detailed specification of the deliverables, expert coding of the software, and comprehensive QA and QC processes.

As part of our turnkey solutions package, we also offer a complete maintenance and support service once your project has gone live. At this point, you can explore two different options. First, you can choose to enter into a maintenance support phase where our team provides ongoing support for your software. Second, you can choose to have your in-house software team support the software.

Whether it is a software installation, daily service, product support or system upgrade and improvement, our team provides an efficient and cost-effective resource to help improve your business processes.

Our maintenance & support services include the following: