Flexibility Of Our Outsourced Software Development Services

Alpha Market Places provides turnkey solutions for workplace issues that reduce efficiencies, increase errors and lower productivity. However, unlike other software developers, we provide all three of the critical phases of the process. These include the detailed elicitation of the required specifications, expert coding of the automation software, and both embedded QA and QC processes. This holistic workflow approach to resolving workflow issues is what makes Alpha Market Places a leader within the industry.

As part of our end-to-end workflow solutions, we offer our clients the opportunity to engage additional outsourced development resources, as an extension to your own development team. Having a 500 seat centre off shore, this arrangement provides supplementary resources to your team by offering the flexibility of short- or long-term engagements, thereby reducing administration costs, overheads and hastening project delivery times.

Our custom-fit, flexible Outsourced Software Development Services can be used for either open-ended engagements or highly defined fixed projects. Supplementing your in-house team with our experienced outsourced developers helps to overcome any barriers to project completion and adds flexibility to your schedule.